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We offer a range of activities for boys and girls from school age to adults. Each activity is tailored to help the attending children benefit from an active lifestyle. We believe that participating in organised sports provides a chance for young people to increase their activity and develop socially and physically.

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Most of our classes have a waiting list currently, but please click here to join the list.

We operate a waiting list system when classes are full - please register online now.


Most gymnastics classes run with a warm up session for the first 15 minutes, which is either dance or fitness based. Then 45 minutes gymnastics teaching takes place, where children get lots of time to practise skills in the gym.  

Dance sessions run with a warm up for the first 15 minutes, which consists of fitness and dance. Then 45 minutes of learning dances with there teacher and practing new dance moves and skills.


Lessons are £8.00 per hour, which includes VAT. There is a £10 per annum membership fee, and all gymnasts will need to be a member of British Gymnastics, which has a cost 22.00 per year.  Fees are paid termly in advance.

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