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Club Rules & Policies

As a member of British Gymnastics, the Club adheres to its policies and guidelines for a creating a safe and open environment.  Copies of their policies can be downloaded from the British Gymnastics website.

The Club has further set out its rules in the codes of conduct which are available to download.

Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct - All Gymnasts

Code of Conduct - All Parents

Code of Conduct - All Coaches, Volunteers & Officials

Code Of Conduct – Competition Etiquette

Codes of Conduct - British Gymnastics

Club Policies

Swan Academy Handbook

Accident & Emergency Procedures



Privacy Notice

Photography & Video




Swan Academy - Welfare Officer Cheryl - Poster

Swan Academy - Welfare Officer Bethany - Poster

British Gymnastics Reporting Safeguarding

British Gymnastics Regional Welfare Officer Details

British Gymnastics

Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

Social Networking Guidelines

British Gymnastics Codes of Conduct

Safeguarding Children – Safe Recruitment

Safeguarding Children – Safe Environment

Health, Safety and Welfare Guidance – Safe Trips

Live Streaming Booklet

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