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We Provide the Cartweels,
You Provide The Cakes


Party Package for Swan Gymnastics, Stevenage

- Basic Party plus disco lights/music

  Saturday £125 (1-18 children) Sunday £145 (1-18 children)

- Additional Participants +£25 (19-30 children)

  +£50 (31 - 42 children)

- Qualified Gymnastics Coaches to carry out games and activities

All parties include 1 hour in main Gymnastics Hall followed by 45 minutes in small hall/food area

Please use our contact form to enquire about booking your party and to get more information....

Our Team

Supported by British Gymnastics, all of our coaches are suitably qualified at the level they are teaching and have undergone safeguarding training. We use varied training activities to teach the basics, developing proficiency in core gymnastics skills before practicing the popular skills that every child would like to learn! 

Interested in joining our staff team? Visit our 'Employment Page'.

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