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The gymnastics Centre


All Gymnastic Classes.

Our Classes we have here:
Adult Gym, Artistic Gymnastics, Recreational & Pre-school gymnastics.

At Swan, we don't overlook anyone in their effort, ability and everyone is given the Opportunities that they can thrive in.

Where are we located?
Mobbsbury Way, Stevenage SG2 0HS
Nobel School, Sports Centre

What days do you run?
We are currently running 5 days a week at two locations, below you will be able to find the days we are running. Over time we will be opening new days and more classes, so make sure to join our email newsletters.

Days & Times:

Monday | 5:30pm-8.30pm
Wednesday | 5:30pm-8:30pm
Friday | 5:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday | 9:30am-1:30pm

What do we provide?

Our centre offers a full range of open classes with squad gymnasts benefiting from the specialised advantages in our venue which together make possible perfect training opportunities for any gymnastics disciplines.


With up to date specialised gymnastics equipment we can boast


  • Full-Sized Floor Space

  • Training bars

  • Foam Pitted areas

  • Inflatable Pit

  • Olympic Sized Beams

  • Olympic Standard Trampolines

  • (4x) Mini Trampolines

  • (3x) Trampette

  • DMT Trampette

  • Training Blocks

  • Floor Beams

  • Conditioning Equitment

  • Training Aid Equipment

  • Pre-school Equipment

  • Ninja/Parkour Equipment

  • (2x) 10 metre Air Track

  • (1x) 12 metre Air Track

  • Training Parallel Bars

  • Training Rings

  • Full Size Pommel Horse

  • (3x) Mushrooms

  • (5x) Ropes

  • Dance Studio

  • 20+ Landing and Throw in Mats

and way more!

Find Us

Find out how to get to us!


Mobbsbury Way, Stevenage

Nobel School, Sports Centre

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