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You Don't Even Know Me - Faouzia

You Don't Even Know Me - Faouzia


I would like to introduce my two Ex-gymnasts, both I have coached since aged 5. They were members of British and English National Squads, now retired and coaching beside me at Swan Gymnastics Academy. Currently studying hard in University. I am very proud of my gymnasts and would like to say ‘Goodbye my little girls, and hello my young ladies’. There were a few reasons for the making of this project; one being my 32 years of coaching experience and continuing to perform artistic routines, specifically this routine here - made especially for my 50th birthday. The second reason being, the maturing transition between watching these girls from childhood and guiding them through adulthood. I am so proud to see you both grown and blossoming into wonderful, bright, beautiful ladies. Our gymnastics journey does not end here, we will continue to dance and cry and support one another as we grow. Another reason which I hold very close to my heart, is the person whom I’ve known for over 33 years and today I wish him Happy Birthday. He is an incredible and talented coach who absolutely loves and adores his coaching career. A very kind, warm and caring person and an amazing father to his children. To Alex, I wish you all the health and happiness, love and care, please stay strong.


Thank you Svetlana; for being the first person to witness my potential at 5 years old, the first person to coach me, the first person to make me cry in pain but also the first person to stand by me in my first wins during gymnastics. Thank you for moulding and training me into the dancer and gymnast I am have become, I really would not have been able to perform the way I did in gymnastics if it wasn’t for you in my first few years. I am so grateful to have you in my life, through childhood and now into adulthood. The lessons, the advice, the guidance, the love and the support you give me is more than I could ever ask for and I will forever be your child at heart. This year you turned 50. I hope you had the most amazing celebrations, surrounded by your family and friends. I hope you enjoyed filming together, our trip to London and our delicious lunch date. Me and Cerhys watched you dance beautifully in that studio. Our amazing gymnastics mum and former coach. Thank you for everything and more Svetlana. You deserve the world and universe. Love you so much.



You truly are one of a kind. Your charisma, elegance and uniqueness is so inspiring. Thank you for absolutely everything, my second mummy, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold. I truly can’t think of anyone else that’s a bigger role model to me than you. You should be so proud of everything you have achieved up to this point! A mother, a world class gymnast, a business owner, a boss, a homeowner and many more! We all love you more than you could ever know and you really are incredible and I don’t doubt for a moment that everything you’ve given in this life will come back to you soon.

Svetlana, Cerhys & Erika - July 2021

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